Cat Flap Installers in Reading

We are a reputable cat flap installers in Reading, Berkshire, and have years of experience installing cat flaps and dog flaps into glass and uPVC and wooden doors. Why not contact us now on 0118 9567 309 or fill in the enquiry form for a competitive quote for cat flap installers in Reading and Berkshire?

Cat Flap Installation for Pets

If you have double glazed doors or patio doors, you can give your pet freedom with a cat flap installation into the glass panel of your door or window.

cat flap installers in readingOffering so much more light, patio doors, french doors and other uPVC glazed units have become very popular in houses, especially at the back of properties. This sometimes causes problems for families with animals, especially cats used to the freedom a cat flap brings them.

We fit cat flaps and dog flaps to a range of glazed units, giving you peace of mind for your pet and their continued freedom to your home.

  • Cat flap installation into glass
  • Cat flap installation into uPVC doors
  • Cat flap fitting into wooden or panelled doors

Why not contact us today for a quote for cat flap installtion

Microchip Cat Flaps

Microchip cat flaps recognise the ID chip already implanted in your cat, unlocking only for your pet and preventing strays and neighbourhood cats from entering your home.  We fit both market leaders microchip cat flaps, SureFlap and the PetPorte Catflaps.

Both of these are easily fitted into glass or upvc panel.


pet portal_microchip cat flap fitted into a double glazed unit   sureflap microchipcatflap fitted into glass

Pet-Tek Cat And Dog Flaps

Pet -Tek Pet Doors Superior designs are just  what you have been searching for. There  Cat Doors and Dog Doors are extremely simple to install, look attractive and once fitted into the door or wall of your home you will be happy with the look.  With a Pet -Tek pet door, you can look forward to years of trouble free use.  Your cat or dog will love them and you will love them also, because they have been designed to be pet friendly and keep your pet secure.


Dog Flap in glass

Our superior range of cat doors and dog doors help eliminate problems commonly associated with pet doors, such as broken flaps and locking dials, rusting screws, too small a flap for the average cat, whilst maintaining focus of product appeal and reliability.




Pet_Tek_G_SDDW New Packaging










Staywell Cat Flaps in Glass

We work with the industry leading brand of animal entry systems – Staywell – to ensure quality and peace of mind with our cat flap installers service.

The Staywell range offers animal flaps for all small to medium sized animals:

  • Two way small animal flaps
  • Manual four-way locking cat claps
  • Magnetic four-way locking cat claps
  • Infra-red four-way locking cat claps
  • Microchip cat flaps

staywell cat flap installers in Reading